Friday, February 3, 2012

In the beginning . . .

Chickenella - (n.), a nickname for a baby girl.

211 pounds, CCXI, 96 kilograms, 15 stones - any way you say it - that is obese for a 5'1" tall, 53 year old woman! There, my first confession!

Why on earth would I reveal such an embarrassing fact? Hopefully, to make me accountable for my future life choices! I admit I've made some bad choices in the past. Who hasn't?

My friend and step-daughter Debbie (we are still trying to figure out a cool nick-name for her!) asked me what prompted me to start on this journey? Many reasons that I will try to explain in an orderly manner.
1. Two years ago on February 1st, I was diagnosed with breast cancer; I     
          had a lumpectomy and radiation, treatment was successful.
2. The Chickenella flock - (Cawa - that is what she is called at a local
          buffet, Juicy Fruit - she is high maintenance and has a Juicy
          Couture sweat suit and, she needs a nickname)
          participated in their first Warrior Dash,
          Please check out the website, I can't begin to describe this crazy,
          insane boot camp like run!       
3. The Flock (including me, Mama V.) participated in the 2011 Kansas
          City Komen Race for the Cure. The other chickenellas ran the 5K
          race, I walked in the 1 mile Survivor's Walk. I was jealous, I wanted
          to be able to run with the chicks!
4. In October, we the flock, went to St. Louis for a girl's weekend and the
         chicks ran in the Warrior Dash; I was the cheering squad. At that
         time I vowed I would complete the May 2012 Warrior Dash with the
         Flock in Kansas City.
5. With all of the above in mind, I must get healthy and strong! So, I started
         A List! Things I want to accomplish or learn. Some are silly and
         easy (see the first item on the list!!), some are going to take some
         time and work!!

I hope you join me as I travel on this journey, I appreciate support and comments. I have the support of my flock - find your inner Chickenella
and create your own Flock!

Coming up next . . . A LIST!